Ruud Jolie, Tilburg, Holland, 11. August 2009, 10:50

My thoughts go out to Micha's family all of his friends!
Rest in peace...
Ruud Jolie
Within Temptation

, Bocholt, 11. August 2009, 09:01

Paul (Pauke), Bielefeld, 10. August 2009, 22:25

Martin Schnurrenberger, 10. August 2009, 17:52

Jens, 10. August 2009, 17:21

Rene Doursat, Paris, 10. August 2009, 14:19

This is very sad news. My condoleances to all of Michael's friends and colleagues. As a former researcher of the INI in its early years (1991-94), I still have very nice memories of Michael, not only as an oustanding system administrator -- upon whom all our computing and communication activities critically relied (and this was back in the days when mass-use of Internet and the Web was just beginning) -- but first and foremost as a great person, always kind and ready to help. My thoughts are with you and the institute at this moment.
Warm regards,

Andreas, Wuppertal, 10. August 2009, 11:32

Micha, wir sind oft gemeinsam zu den Konzerten gefahren und haben auf den Fahrten viel gequatscht. Ich und auch die anderen DARK WINGS Mitglieder werden dich vermissen

Verena (JaneDoe79), Langelsheim/Niedersachsen, 10. August 2009, 10:47

All of our memories keep you near on silent moments imagine you here
Der Fanclub wird Dich sehr vermissen !

Marcus (Jumbo), Mendig, 10. August 2009, 10:04

Claudia, Wien, 10. August 2009, 07:44

Mit den Worten aus dem WT Song "The Cross" verabschiede ich mich von meinem Freund Micha.
"...I'm still wondering why, I'm still calling your name through my tears..."

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